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Updated on 12th July.

2nd last update on 28th June.
Formerly known as theorangecatlover

2nd hand items are in the 2nd hand categories
No fussy buyers for 2nd hand items
No refund. Swapped allowed within 3 days of purchased.
Meet-ups and cash payment available at my convenience.
Items may differ a little due to lighting/not the excact one in the pic(I've got more than one stock for some)
Email me @ iluv_garfield.hotmail.com if you are interested in anything^^ If you have anything you want to sell, email me too. No fee charge.
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Please email me @ iluv_garfield@hotmail.com for enquires, linking up.

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Please use the categories on the left to browse the shop. Some items are featured on the main page too^^

Some price may be negotaitable.
All items under clearance are negotiatable!

If there is no item code, just email me the item's name you're interested in.
Item code/name should be above the item.

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I think it make sense that those I linked/linked me should have priority =)

Other Annoucements:
Tuition given in the East area.
JC(Maths Only-$40/hr) and secondary school level($28 - $35/hr) and Primary school level($22 - $28/hr).
Travel to my house will be at a cheaper rate.
Interested please contact iluv_garfield@hotmail.com

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Please use the categories on the left to browse the shop. Some items are featured on the main page too^^

Please use the left to browse through the shop.
New updates^^

Earrings!!(17thth June)
Clearance(19th June)Prices Slashed!!!
Hair Accessories(28th June)
Toys (12th July)
Apparals (27th July)
2nd hand items(27th July)
MISC(27th July)

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Some items!

Loreal $8

Mask $3

Brown long top
Worn a few times
Selling at $11.90
Eye masks
40 pads
$29 each.
2 payment. $5 first payment.If I didn't manage to buy get it, $5 will be refunded. Rest of the payment during collection of item.

Made in Japan Bear. Bought at Over $100
Selling at $25 only.
Condition is not perfect.

Yellow top. (Brand New)

Brought at $60 plus. Selling off at $10 only!
Colour available -> Yellow and pink.
2nd hand

Pink Dress
2nd hand

"Japan love Style" Hot pink top
Wore once
Selling at $8
2nd hand

Vodoo Keychain(Hot items)
$1.20 each
3 left
Vodoo Keychain

Item code: #ER-011
Now selling at $18 Only!
Able to buy item #ER-oo1 for $1.99
Visit Earrings for more!

"Sky of Love" Notebook. Quite thick. $4.50.
I find it lovely. Will keep it if there's no buyer.

Linger Notebook $3.50 Opening sales $2.50.
Not as thick as the previous one. Fans of Vic Chou might want this.

Pink top. Got 2 of these but different colours.
Selling away the pink one.
Only $12!

3 colours available. Pink, black and light blue.

Brown top

Item Code:#B-001
Visit Belt for more!

Yellow GARFIELD Tee(Brand NEW)
Selling at $10

Item code: #ER-013
Only $11

Item code: #ER-014
Only $11

Item code: #ER-015
Only $11

Item Code: #HP-011
Outside selling for $3.10.
We're selling at only $2 each!!
3 colours available. Limited stocks!
Visit HP accessories for more interesting HP accessories!

Hello kitty HP Strap
Buy a pair for $5
Current sales -> $3.00
Visit Hello kitty

Blue Jeans Skirt
$12 Only!
Current Sales ->Buy this now and get a pair of Hello Kitty HP Accessories for $2.50 Only!!!

Hammer top
2 different ways of wearing it.
2nd hand

Sleveless Green and Blue top.
$4 Each.
Buy both for $6
2nd hand

White shell pendent
Adjustable length
Current Sales $2.99
Visit for Necklaces more necklaces!!!

HP shape pocket mirror
Buy above $10 and get this at $2.80

Item code:#T-001
Green, Pink, Orange and yellow available!!
$3.80 for each!

Item code:#T-002
Tomato venting ball!!!
$2.80 each!!!

Visit Toys for more!

Item #R-002 and #R-003.
Buy 1 for $0.60
2 for $1.00
Visit Hair Accessories for more.

Graphic Calculator
TI-184 plus
Bought at $178, selling at $140 (Price negotiable)
Battery not included.I've never use it b4.

Soft drink collection
$15 only!!(Price negotiable)

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